With the many materials, colors, and textures available today, flooring materials have endless opportunities for customization, and tile is no exception. Once you’ve decided to install tile in your home or commercial space and chosen a color, next you’ll have to decide on a pattern. There are many great options for tile placement, each with a slightly different look. Here are ten of the most popular choices for tile flooring patterns:

1. Grid

Often also referred to as straight-lay or stacked, the grid is the simplest tile pattern option. This pattern is the easiest to create and the most commonly used. It consists of square or rectangular tiles placed one on top of the other.

2. Brick

This is another common tile pattern where each tile is laid to start at the center of the one above and below it in the same way a typical brick wall is built. The brick pattern may also be referred to as offset, running bond, or staggered brick.

3. ⅓ offset

The ⅓ offset tile patterns are similar to the brick style, but each tile is laid to start at one-third of the length of the tile above or below. Many people frequently use this pattern with plank-style tiles with longer lengths.